This is a tiger I drew for a friend. I really like her markings.
This is a Demona Nerd, a combination of Demona (a character from Disney's children's series Gargoyles) and a Nerd (candy).
Here is a neat graphic of a Tiger sitting at a desk. I did this for a school district's website, but they ended up not using it. (Their mascot is a tiger.)
Here is a purple dragon encircling a moon. This is my own style of dragon, and the pose was originally intended to be a logo.
This is a drawing I did of a fountain I wanted to make. I really like the drawing, even though I haven't finished the fountain yet!
This, in my opinion, is my best work. I love her wings!
Here is an attempt at a gryphon. I surprised myself with how well I did the wings, I have trouble with getting feathers to look right.
Here is a mermaid I drew. I really like that I found something different from stereotypic shells for her to wear on her upper body.
This is a star dragon. He is catching a shooting star in his claws.