I stopped a car in its tracks with my camera!
Here is a nice photo of a crocus patch.
Another patch of crocus.
This is a cropped version of the above photo, that frames the image better.
Some clematis that grows on my mailbox.
The above picture, but manipulated to get rid of the lighter areas behind the flower.
A great shot of a butterfly and a plant at the local butterfly house.
Another shot from the butterfly house, I call it "Hangman".
Here is a photo of my cat by a lamp.
The same photo as above, but greyscale.
Another shot of my cat, crouching under a plant stand. I took out the red eye she had from the camera flash.
A gorgeous sunset.
An old shot of the Washington Monument with a point and shoot, revived with a gorgeous sunset.
The above manipulated image of the Washington Monument, with a twist.
The camera captures what wasn't there.. a gorgeous photo of the sun behind a cloud.
Another sunset.
A great shot of a water lily at the botanical gardens.
Another shot from the gardens, this time of a peony (or is it a gardenia?).
One more shot from the butterfly house..